Food Styling

A few shots of my creations around a dish.
Food Styling is all about creating beauty finding inspiration from the dish itself harmoniously.

Venues and Events

A few shots of what I can capture in a Bar while the action is on fire and while the creativity gives birth to a new dish or drink!


A few shots of my works for Food and Drink Brands!

Drink Styling

A few shots of my Drink still life photography executed in my studio.
My compositions created with props, bar tools, ice, flowers, fruits, bottles, superfoods, probiotic drinks and more…


Hi guys!

Welcome to my Landing Page!!
First of all, let me introduce my role at Dedycated!!

As you may already know, I am a food and drink photographer and stylist. I love the world of food since ever and through my journey into hospitality I have the joy to communicate this passion through the camera.

I had the honour to be awarded in July 2019 at The Saatchi Gallery winning the Photography Competition “a day in your life” by Alison Jackson. Studying still life at several workshops with Silvia Salvia Limone, Checco, Her Dark Material etc.. I had the lucky to be inspired by the point of view of great artists and develop my own style.
I love the world of food and drink, also known for “hospitality”: my first steps have been between great venues in Barcelona and most recently in London. Observing the movements of a chef while is creating a dish is my main subject of interest. Watching a bartender ’s speed movements while creating a cocktail is a great source of imagination and suspence on what’s going to be the next movement or funny gesture.
I believe that every restaurant and bar is a stage and I love taking action into it capturing the best moments.

I love setting my still life in my little studio ( come and have a look at my instagram @marcythemosthappy to see the behind the scenes!! )
and recreating that role that action constantly has in the bars.

You will see my props, my backdrops and my hands experimenting continuously this world of food and drink photography!

Have fun !!


  • Oriole Bar (London)

  • Cahoots (London)

  • Abruzzo Cocktail Week

  • Bokan (London)

  • Kodakit

  • Deliveroo

  • Buddha Bar Knightsbridge (London)

  • Azteca (London)

  • Bar Baccano (Roma)

  • Il Biffi (Cagliari)

  • Dictador Colombian Rum

  • Evangelista Liquori

  • Rinomato Aperitivo

  • Naturya

  • Kwānt Bar (London)

  • Renaissance St.Pancras Hotel (London)

  • Marini’s Bar (Kuala Lumpur)

  • Zubor Liqueur

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